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  1. NoSurrender

    Propun un interviu cu: @Blawz0r. Motivul: sa îl cunoaștem mai bine am observat ca e nou și deja founder
  2. NoSurrender

    (IV34) BandCamp BBCode 1.0.0

    Version 3.x.x


    Embed a Bandcamp Player to post: Demo: http://csu.li/qemtP For customize embeded player: Edit bbcode (Look & Feel -> BBCode Management -> BandCamp) Custom BBCode Replacement /size=venti/bgcol=FFFFFF/linkcol=4285BB/ size=<yoursize> bgcol=<backgroundcolor> linkcol=<linkcolor> Use: [bandcamp]1848888471[/bandcamp]
  3. NoSurrender

    (IV33) Image Upload 1.0.1.zip

    Version 1.0.0, 1.0.1


    This application will allow your members to make upload of images to your host. Useful if you have a board that needs to post images, screenshots, etc.
  4. NoSurrender

    (IV34) Fake AdminCP 1.0.2

    Version 1.0.0, 1.0.1 si 1.0.2


    This application allows you to add a Fake AdminCP to your site to prevent possible attacks but only if you renamed the original admin folder. Don't forget to read the ReadMe before you upload the files to your host! PS: I know it's not new but the other person coded it like a noob so it sometimes doesn't work correctly. Mine is not nearly equal Changelog Version 1.0.2 Now it is possible to delete all entries with the same IP with on click except the clicked one Version 1.0.1 The IP multi-tool can now called directly by clicking on the IP IPs can be directly banned or unbanned
  5. NoSurrender

    aia parca e prima mea lucrare in ps iubire in rest lucrezi frumos
  6. NoSurrender

    Molana "Design By IPBHERO" 1.0.0

    Version 4.X.X


    A beautiful templateMolana A professional slider pictures and description[/size][/background] Design by IBPHERO For All User
  7. NoSurrender

    ma ocup dar am nevoie de access la categorie...
  8. NoSurrender

    Numele dvs.: Reinbold Szilad Alexandru Vârstă: 16 Ce concursuri doriţi să organizaţi?: Lotto si Tombola De ce doriţi să organizaţi acest concurs?: le consider cele mai ok? Detalii legate de concurs: s-au mai organizat toti stiu despre ce e vorba. Timp disponibil: destul de mult din punctul meu de vedere Alte detalii: nup.
  9. NoSurrender

    Accept, iti trimit lucrarea acum!
  10. NoSurrender

    v2, blur si imi place stilul
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